Beard Groomers, Clippers, and Trimmers For Men

Designed exclusively for a man's facial hair shaping, styling and management -- The best mens beard trimmer generally combines both adjustable length whisker trimming and edging functions into one. First, an adjustable-guide trimmer to cut the overall beard to length. Removable or adjustable depth guide combs can be set for a short stubble beard or a fuller bristle, usually to about 1/2". Then, possessing a fine-tooth blade attachment head to shape and style the beard's edge and contours. Some beard grooming sets may also include a VERY NARROW finishing blade only a half inch or so wide to really detail, shape and style the angle, contour and edges of a goatee, moustace or sideburns. Some have small foil shaver attachments for a smooth, close whisker cutting finish.

Top Selling Beard Groomers

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Alot of technological advancemnts have occured in beard groomers for men. Cordless, battery powered facial hair trimmers using LiOn batteries are delivering more power and charging the trimmer quickly. Coatings and alloy trimmer blades stay sharper, longer. Some are also better desinged for wet/dry use in the bathroom. Of note: Vaccuum beard trimmers to catch whiskers as they're cut are selling well, helping to make cleaning up after a beard trim minimal. Many include additional attachment heads for nose and ear hair grooming as well.

Styling A Full, Bushy Beard

For a man who likes to keep a FULL or LONG Beard - you may find many of the available beard trimming kits just aren't quite the right tool for the job. Even the best Beard trimmer sets are designed for relatively short whisker lengths -- whether they're adjustable-length, or come with a few clipper guide combs. Many dedicated groomers tend to max out under 3/4 inch cutting length. Instead, look to conventional hair-clipper sets that come with a large range of snap-on guides for maximum length options in a fuller beard. Detachable hair-clipper guides are often numbered in 1/8" increments. A #3 is 3/8, a #8 is a full 1" (or eight-eiths). The more pieces in a household or barber clipper set (i.e. 21 piece clipper set) the more likely it'll include guides all the way up to #8. Many typical hair clipper sets now come with a separate battery powered fine-blade trimmer for details and edges.

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Beard Styles : Goatees, Mutton Chops, Mustaches, Sideburns

The picture of mens styles of beard shapes in the sidebar give some idea of the possibilities of facial hair and beard styles. What works depends alot on the shape of your face, pattern and density of your hair, as well as whether your whiskers are curly or straight. Some beard styles may also convey a 'look' or image you're going for, whether it's a Hippy-Beatnik, Colonel Saunders, Rough Trade Biker, Ex-Con, Wise College Professor or....