Faster Beard Growth With Vitamins

As the popularity and social acceptance of men's beards blossoms, more and more guys are growing beards these days. Alot of men, especially younger ones wonder how they can 'Make my beard grow faster?' or 'How can I get a thicker beard?' Some turn to nutrutional suppliments to help encourage and speed up facial hair growth.

1. Born That Way: For select genetically endowed males, thick and full beard growth starts at puberty and continues unrelenting all through adulthood. No suppliments or vitamins needed.

2. Healthy Lifestyle Choices: A clean, well-balanced diet and daily exercise are your simplest and best methods for your body's metabolism and male hormones to function at their peak.

3. Nutrition and Suppliments like VitaBeard or Beardalizer For Faster Beard Growth: If your diet is sub-optimal, you might wonder if nutritional or herbal suppliments can make a difference in how your beard grows.

The Worst - And Best Beard Vitamin Suppliments

Explore these vitamins that might help with optimal beard growth. (Hint: For daily use, the one in the middle costs ONE-TENTH the price of the other two):
VitaBeardBalanced Beard NutritionBeardalizer
Grow A Thicker Beard?

"Facial Hair Growth"
Best Overall Value

Optimum Nutrient Balance
Beard Growing Vitamins?

"Stronger Fuller Beard"

VitaBeard vs Beardalizer

The worst facial hair vitamins you can buy for your money are those specifically MARKETED as vitamins for beards. Of the products featured above, both VitaBeard(tm) vs Beardalizer(tm) sell 'beard growth vitamins' for around $29.95 for a bottle of 90, a 30 day supply. If you take a close look at the product labeling you'll find them only to have 100%-200% of only a sampling of your basic A, B-Complex (including B7 - Biotin for quality hair growth), C, D, E, and K essential fat and water-soluable vitamins, plus a limited assortment of only a few other minerals. Any herbal ingredients are lacking any meanginful scientific proof and of dubious value to affecting a man's rate of beard growth in any proven way.

Both of these overpriced beard vitamin products also suggest taking up to THREE capsules a day making a $29.95 90-Count bottle only last a month at $1 a day. This may help insure thick, luxurient growth of profits for them, but leave your wallet and facial hair wondering if they've been scalped.

Beard Growth Vitamin Scam

Compare these specialize vitamins to supposedly make a beard grow the fastest it can with something far more balanced, sensible and affordable. The Kirkland Signature Daily Multivitamin & Minerals Tablets in a 500-Count bottle offers free shipping and at around $17 can last you a WHOLE YEAR at the cost of 3.5 cents a day. Do the math, fuzz face. The Kirkland multi's not only have a complete, 100%+ RDA - Recommended Daily Allowance vitamin profile like Centrum. They also include EVERY essential mineral as well, something the Beard Growing Vitamins lack - and some additional antioxidents like Lycopene and Lutien for truly truly complete and balanced nutritional suppliment. The far more affordable generic multi inarguably delivers MORE of everything your body minimally needs to promote a healthy metabolism across every cell in your body, at a fraction of the price...

Multi-Vitamin w/Minerals vs Beard Vitamins

So there you have it: One generic multi vitamin and mineral suppliment that costs only pennies a day can optimize your beard growth potential - versus two other dollar a day suppliments with really-cool label designs, less of the complete range of essential vitamins and minerals, and a much higher price tag. The bottom line: Take a decent generic 100% multi every day - and don't pay a premium for some half-baked 'beard-specific' alternative.