Body Hair And Beard Fetishism

The Urban Dictionary defines a unique term few bearded men have heard of: Pogonophilia"The admiration or promotion of people, usually males, who wear a facial beard. From the word pogon, Greek for beard."

Being attracted to and having a fetish for beards and body hair is by no means rare and unique. For those with a Gay or Bisexual orientation, many males are attracted to, and prefer hairy and bearded romantic and sex partners drawn by the allure, look, smell and feel of a man's whiskers.

In many cases, secondary sexual characteristics like beards and body hair are involved in displays and contests for mates, part of a natural evolution of sexual selection. Their development is stimulated by sex hormones. In humans, the rise in concentration of these hormones at puberty results not only in the development of the physical adult sexual characteristics, but also pheromone and emotional changes.

In males, the development of secondary sexual characteristics is stimulated the hormone testosterone: Men develop a deeper voice, facial and body hair, and a stronger body odor. It's also accompanied by the growth of hair in the underarm and men's genital regions initially - and then fur across their whole body, chest and back depending on genetics. Fetishists for facial and body hair visually key in on this and becomes a critical part of sexual attraction and mating interests.

Fetishized Alpha Male Beard Attraction

Within the Gay men's community, a very distinct subculture of big, exceptionally hairy and bearded guys have formed a Bear Community to provide opportunities to meet, socialize and mate with other furry bodied and bearded guys. Ultimately this Gay Bear tribe is a Gay fetish community seeking like-mindeed hirsuit men with secondary sexual characteristics they find attractive and stimulating.

Gay And Straigh Beard Fetishism

In the broader and Straight culture, growing and styling a beard is often done as something that may be more than just a stylish fashion statement of men's grooming. The display of very long or full beards can indicate alpha male rank and power, be it US presidents and military generals of the 19th century who's facial hair conveyed power status, to a gray bearded college professor signifying age and wisdom, or a big, bushy-bearded rough biker covered in tattoos and leather riding gear regalia as a Bad-Boy Alpha Male status indicator.

Visit this Pinterest Kinky Gay Beard Fetish Board for photos of men with beards worth fetishizing.

Certainly women with a fetish for beards are attracted and sexually turned on by this presentation which is a factor in sexual attraction and physical stimulation. But even in straight males, the presence of an imposing beard (and/or copius chest, back and body hair) are part of assessing Social Rank and status within a group - whether they're concious of it or not. They may covertly eye the other man's beard and body fur and behaviors and compare it to thier own for indications of others social dominance and power within the clan. (Think silver-backed Alpha gorrillas with high social rank.)

A Sexual Fetishism For Beards

My own personal beard fetish goes way back to my childhood and remembering bearded men always captured my interest. As an adult, my beard fetishism transformed to become part of my sexual identity and expression as I was able to grow my own beard. There's been quite few sientific studies on beards, sexual attraction and power - studying both women and straight men and how they percieve men with beards and what different styles of beards convey.

Types Of Beard Fetishes

For those with a true fetish for bearded partners, the facial hair color, patterns, length, cut and style can all come into play driving sexual attraction, genital arousal and lustful desire. Some may key-in on very specific aspects as part of thier hair and beard fetishism. Some my take their erotic focus to extremes: They may miss out on highly compatible partners who are clean-shaven. Or their beard fetish may cause them to lose interest in a bearded partner who chooses to trim and shave down to a clean-cut appearance.

Inversely some fetishists may find their desire and attraction spurred when someone familiar and known to them starts to grow, shape and develop a beard. In cold climates, winter bearding is common, but are shaved off come spring and the fetishizism fades away.